Our Goals and Objectives

Our Goals and Objectives:

Primary Task   - Creating a better economic present and future for families in the Galili. 

Our Vision – The growth of a strong and economically stable community that creates an environment that supports all members of the community and allows them to prosper and by this, creates a society that encourages individuals towards healthy development and forward thinking. 

Our Methods - Education to support good financial management early on in childhood for the benefit of future generations by: providing tools for personal, family and business financial management; support for wise consumerism and the building of an infrastructure to sustain this; assistance to families with difficulties at all levels to succeed and prosper financially and personally.

Core Values – The belief that all individuals are capable of success; leadership and taking responsibility personally and community wide; transparency as the key to organizational and personal success; sensitivity to the community needs and people in crises; ongoing learning and self evaluation of the results and the successes of our activities.