A full container with hundreds of crates of clothes for Chasdei Lev’s “Kindness Bazaar” store in Tzfat has recently arrived, and organization volunteers have been working long hours to unload the container into the clothing warehouses.

In light of the success at the “Kindness Bazaar”, which supplies new high quality clothes, and the warm responses that have been received from local residents, organization volunteers have mobilized to accumulate a large quantity of clothing items in preparation for the upcoming winter season.

This recently arrived container, the seventh in number, will help Chasdei Lev to provide winter clothes, both weekday and holiday, for children and adults from families who receive the organization’s assistance, available at token prices. This mobilization came in response to the regrettable plundering of the “Kindness Bazaar” store during the recent state of emergency in northern Israel, when the organization had its hands full with work