The Chasdei Lev benevolent organization has recently initiated a new program with the objective of supplying hot meals to children in northern Israel from financially strapped families that are unable to provide them with proper nourishment at supper time.

Rabbi Zalman Bistritzky, Chasdei Lev director, declares that due to his frequent visits to the homes of these families and schools throughout the north, he has revealed the startling fact that many children eat their last meal of the day at school during lunch hour, waiting for their next meal when they come to school the following day…

According to a report from the Central Statistics Bureau, 700,000 children and other young people live today below the poverty level, and among them, 334,000 are in danger, another 134,000 are in high and immediate danger, and only 64,000 are receiving assistance from government welfare agencies… The report continues to note that we are witnessing more and more children bringing us back to the days of the “petty theft” of food, etc., testifying to the need for physical “survival” on the one hand, and social survival on the other…

Rabbi Bistritzky adds that feeding these children is critically important as the lack of orderly meals not only harms their already inferior physical state, but especially their emotional state. They can not concentrate on their studies, causing a significant downturn in their academic performance, their social involvement, and their future success in life.

In light of these facts, Chasdei Lev has decided to begin Project “Warm Heart” with the objective of supplying hot meals each evening directly to the homes of these children, who are longing for a good, hot, and nourishing supper.

Thank G-d, approximately fifty children receive these hot meals. Regrettably, however, due to the recent military conflict in northern Israel, there has been a sizable increase in the number of families who endure financial hardships, thus leading to a much larger number of children in need of proper nourishment in the evening. Therefore, Chasdei Lev is planning to increase the number of hot meals according to the prevailing need and demand in order that no child will go to sleep with an empty stomach and all of them will wake up in the morning with a smile.

The unique nature of Project “Warm Heart” is bringing hot meals directly to the homes of children in order to preserve a child’s privacy and self-respect, unlike the public kitchens where a child has to go and eat – and many children simply pass up on this meal to avoid the embarrassment…

Chasdei Lev calls upon all goodhearted people who want to have a part in a mitzvah to join us in this important project. Each daily meal, at a cost of ten shekels per child, includes a main course, bread, soup, salad, side dishes, and dessert.

Adopt a child for a day, a month, or a year – and be a partner in setting these children on a course for a new life where they can grow and learn as any other child in Israel.

To become an active partner on this project, send us your generous contribution:
For donations via credit card, please call (972-77) 337-7930.
Donations may be deposited directly into our account at Bank Leumi, Tzfat Branch (#975), Account No. 19825/78.
Checks made payable to CHASDEI LEV may be sent to P.O. Box 6145, Tzfat 13410 ISRAEL.