Chasdei Lev Takes Part in Bank Leumi Competition

Bank Leumi is opening the voting for the Two Million Good Reasons competition. Various non-profit organizations are competing for a donation of NIS 2 million that will be divided among the sixty non-profits that receive the highest number of votes. The winning non-profit will receive the sum of NIS 215‚000.

Chasdei Lev helps to rebuild and strengthen families suffering from economic crisis in the Upper Galilee and to encourage them towards growth and increasing their income. It operates three main special programs that advance these goals:

Opening the route to success – a rehabilitation and strengthening program for families dealing with financial crisis. The family joins the program for a year, during which it undergoes a professional process that helps it deal with the following areas – finance, employment, family self-confidence, and health awareness. Every year, we rehabilitate 100 families that manage to change their lives drastically.

The College for Economic Growth – The college is for people who have a fixed monthly income and want to know how to manage their resources in order to generate more wealth. The college has special courses allowing each person to learn with self-confidence and not from a feeling of neediness. A new internet site with short videos of lessons in running the family’s finances is soon to be launched.

Shekel – An educational program in financial orientation. Many children in the Galilee region grow up in houses that are second or third-generation poor. This program helps us to teach the children about family economy and correct financial management. The children then grow up differently and they even help us to raise their parents’ awareness. A special new Internet site is soon to be launched with a program for teaching children proper economics.

In addition, Chasdei Lev provides assistance and guidance to Chabad families around the country.
The vote will start from today – 5/12/2011 until 20/5/2011.
The link to the non-profit’s page on this project is:
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Please convey to all members and ask them to vote. Allowed to vote once a day from any computer.
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